Quick Chinese Food: Four Seasons Cuisine – Ongpin

It’s difficult transporting a 96 year-old foodie father to a restaurant from the third floor of a building in the Manila Chinatown area, so we opted to buy Chinese takeout food in nearby Ongpin Street. The sis-in-law suggested we go to Four Seasons, where there is always a wide array of freshly cooked food, turo-turo style (point-point for the uninitiated).

They had practically everything — maki, kiam peng, steamed shrimps, kikiam, siopao, rellenong hipon, rellenong alimasag, Szechuan prawns, braised tofu, oysters in scallion sauce, gabi, fried talakitok, broccoli in oyster sauce, steamed chicken, fried chicken, etc..

My favorite kiam chay aka mustasa.

We got stuffed crabs, Chinese adobo rice, yochi guisado, vegetables in white sauce, sweet and sour fish fillet and sauteed mustard leaves enough for seven people and paid only 650 pesos. A wonderful deal in my own humble opinion.

The easy alternative for busy people, Chinese fast food restaurants in the area are quite popular.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2011

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