green tea and Yakult on the rocks

green tea and yakultgreen tea
Yakult, that lactobacillus drink of your childhood, has become fashionable once more thanks to the tea shops popping up all over Metro Manila. As a matter of fact, the Asian-inspired modern tea shop is a global phenomenon. In one shop alone, there are more flavors than you can imagine, mostly odd, but that’s where the success of these shops comes from I suppose. I, for one, am curious how an iced green tea with Yakult would turn out. I can’t find a clear recipe, so I just went with my gut feeling. I steeped one bag of green tea, poured over ice in a tall glass, then emptied one Yakult into it.

I liked it. It has a light yogurt taste and not as sweet as something like milk tea or the commercial flavored teas out there. But what excites me most is its cleansing effect. It hits the spot, you know where I went after half an hour.

Green tea plus Yakult is my new morning beverage.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2011

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