Sarrat patupat and tupig up close and personal

Apart from Christmas, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are the times of the year when we get to have a fling with tempting carb-rich native rice cakes. Besides being the home to the elegant Sta. Monica Church and remaining binakol-weavers in Ilocos Norte, the eastern town of Sarrat is also known for its delish patupat and tupig.

My in-laws (some visiting from Manila) bring the specially ordered kankanen from their suki (favorite maker) in Sarrat to the cemetery for us to enjoy while we catch up on each other. I had around ten of the patupat with that lovely shiny “nakilnet a diket.”

A personal favorite is tupig with toasted black sesame seeds. The Sarrat tupig had those black bits plus rich ladek (coconut paste) enveloped in sticky buttery goodness, just so wonderful!

What’s life without a few guilty pleasures?

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2011

3 thoughts on “Sarrat patupat and tupig up close and personal

  1. wow i like linapet more than patupat and tupig is my favorite specially home made.we use to make it when we were younger..all the kids gather around and make their own signature tupigs.mine i make mine the fat big ones and my mom use to say “not too big they will not cook evenly with the rest”anyway it was a family binding before the holiday season! one of these days hopefully we will be able to do it again like we use to with my 4 sisters and brother.sans my parents but i know they will be looking down and i know my mom will be just shaking her head when she sees my big fat tupigs…hehehe

    • it’s the slight saltiness of patupat that i like. i wish i ate them with fresh getta and ripe mangoes. hahah, yes, Christmas is not complete without tupig. when i was little, we have them pa-urno at the Sweeten Bakery. friends give us traditional tupig with lengnga sans cheese specially made in the barrios, my fave!

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