Incessant Cravings

Without the rain, Ilocos can become oppressively hot and humid. For three days straight, I’ve been having godawful cravings for, of all things, Dippin’ Dots bubble gum ice cream, Happy Lemon rock salt and cheese green tea and Pinkberry green tea yogurt, which are not in Ilocos just yet (ah, dreamin’)! Hahah, there’s no possible way to fake a nitro-frozen dessert, I don’t know with the salty, cheesy tea, I bet this an original recipe and I am almost tempted to make my own version, maybe with Pasuquin salt and some melted cheese. Well, I heard  LA’s  phenomenal Pinkberry is opening in Greenbelt soon, or has it opened (with the same Philippe Starck chairs and  Le Klint lamps, I hope)? I wonder if they are bringing in the berries as well?

Image credit: Happy lemon on Facebook

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