Torque talk with DTS Philippines CEO Al Tecson

Who’s the more qualified person to introduce an efficient product than the satisfied customer himself. Case in point: Al Tecson was looking for a plug-in gizmo that will improve the performance of a diesel engine, in short, deliver more horsepower and torque, then he finds DTS, UK’s only manufacturer and supplier of plug and play digital electronic modules for diesel and petrol vehicles, buys a module, installs it to the vehicle himself (his father-in-law’s actually) and the next thing he knows, he is selling DTS digital systems in the Philippines as an online business. One thing leads to another. He puts up the DTS Philippines home base in Laoag, then opens a branch in Manila.

When asked what gains does one get from a DTS tuning chip, DTS Philippines CEO Al Tecson says, “It adds 35% in power and 40% in torque and lowers fuel consumption by 10%, which is 3 kilometers per liter.” 10 percent fuel savings is a lot when pump prices are constantly going up. I figure that since the engine is more efficient, it also becomes fuel-efficient, but, of course, it entails a good driving style.

The DTS digital system comes with an easy installation guide and a 5-year warranty, which makes it virtually hassle-free.

Here’s how it works:

These sensor signals are all collected and processed thousands of times a second by the vehicle’s ECU which determines what alterations to make to the engine’s system to keep it running at full efficiency (usually economy and emissions).

Our diesel tuning performance system is a small computer which we connect to the car using a connection harness (supplied). This harness plugs into the car using original equipment connectors, the exact same plugs as used on your car. This means we simply have to plug the DTS unit into existing connectors already on your vehicle. The computer then intercepts and alters this fueling sensor data/signal, and we can tell the ECU what we want it to do, not what it is programmed to do.

The compression ratio of the diesel engine is far greater than a petrol engine often up to a ratio 25:1, (diesel ignites under compression, no spark is needed), so you will find that within the cylinders remain more air than is needed for combustion alone. This means by slightly increasing the amount of injection, we are making full use of the full cylinder capacity which dramatically improves both power & torque.

Because the engine is now more efficient, economy is usually improved as you will use less throttle and gear changes for the same conditions.

Great news to all car enthusiasts out there,  besides chiptuning, DTS Philippines offers performance parts like turbo and racing kits for street, off-road and race vehicles and services such as basic vehicle maintenance, car computer diagnostics, parts fabrication and diesel calibration (for up to 12-cylinder engines).

“If one has complete confidence in their business and products, then they should be prepared to show it. I expect our customers to receive a level of service that exceeds their expectations,” says Al Tecson.

DTS Philippines Main Office
Brgy.55 Salet, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
Tel: (077) 772-2343, (077) 676-1737 CP: 0917-570-0087
Website: For inquiries email:

DTS Philippines Manila Branch Office
1238 A.H. Lacson St, Sampaloc, Manila
Tel: (02) 514-6544 CP: 0917-570-0087

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2011

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