Marianne Pasion follows her heart

We cross paths every once in a while. But for this interview, I went to seek her out. Two failed attempts and a brownout very nearly made me think otherwise… the lights went back, thank God!

I’d like you to meet a young photographer whose work I respect — no other than Marianne Gaces Pasion. The admittedly self-taught photographer started looking through the viewfinder when she was fourteen or fifteen. She did her first wedding shoot at the age of eighteen. At twenty-three, the Laoagueña sees photography as a career.

Describe your style.
Three things I would put in my pictures — neatness, subtlety of colors and minimalism. Not too many details.
What camera do you shoot with?
A Canon 7D.
Your lenses?
50 mm, one wide and one zoom, 28-135 mm.
What light equipment do you take with you?
I prefer natural sunlight.
How do you edit your photos?
I use Photoshop 4.0 (giggles). My three tools: selective color, color balance and hue and saturation.

A curious thought, digital or film?
Do you always take your camera with you?
No. I bring the camera only when I’m off to a shoot.
Are there any photographers you admire?
Cebu-based photographer Hannah Bacalla and American photographer Eric Ryan Anderson.

Marianne's favorite image -- taken at her first wedding coverage.

Your favorite subject?
People. Girls. I like the personality to come out… something real. I love doing portraits.
If there’s one person you dream of photographing, who would that be?
An old woman, with a super amazing story, in black-and-white.

All photos by Marianne G. Pasion
Visit her blog Email: CP: 0916 467 7647

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