Irawan Eco Park

There are numerous zipline parks in Puerto Princesa. We got to Irawan Eco Park in an unprintable hilarious way. Only two month-old, Irawan Eco Park is the latest, with a couple of functioning ziplines, and soon launching the longest zipline in Asia, a 1.2 kilometer zipline canopy adventure. Jordan, the friendly Costa Rican guide, reveals that ziplining originated in Monteverde, Costa Rica, in Central America. Zipline started out as a research facility. Today, it is a thrilling and convenient way to appreciate forests and promote conservation awareness. The first zipline park is found in Puerto Viejo in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.
The Irawan Arts Café and Gallery of the Irawan Eco Park showcases artworks of Jerome Ray Miano, the resident artist, and other local artists with the Aborlan Arts Program, the only active program in Palawan addressing the dire needs of the out-of-school youth through arts development. What were once 3,000 hectares of bald hills are now rehabilitated forests of a protected area. Aiming to sustain the Irawan Watershed, the Irawan Eco Park project is a tie-up between the government of Puerto Princesa and the Forest Canopy Zipline and Eco-Parks Corp..

David and Jordan of the Forest Canopy Zipline and Eco-Parks Corp..

Kiam Peng, our guest and travel buddy from Fujian Province, China, enjoying a zipline adventure in the Philippines for the first time.

The hubby seemingly enjoying Palawan immensely.

Bird watching, hiking the river trail and carabao cart ride are also offered at the park. We stayed long in Irawan, we almost forgot our reservation for dinner at Ka Lui.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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