6 thoughts on “A family affair

  1. Hi again. Just want to know how long is the travel from Laoag to VIgan? And how long will it take to tour Vigan? Thanks!

    • You can tour it in a less than a day. It takes about an hour if you take the bus. About 45 minutes by car if walang traffic. Calle Crisologo is only a few blocks, but if you’ll be taking photos – that’ll eat up your time:) Food adventure is a must, hahah, sinanglao, Vigan empanada, okoy, longanisa, bagnet, etc. Calesa ride of course… 150 per hour is the standard rate. You can ride the calesa to tour the loom weavers, Baluarte, Hidden Garden, Bantay Church and the pottery.

    • i might be wrong, i took the bus only once. vigan is a bit nearer than pagudpud w/c is 1.45 mins during the day. it all depends what time of the day you’re traveling. make it 2 hrs at the most if you’re not riding your own vehicle. we’re from ilocos kasi so we might know the road real well – makes travel time shorter, i guess:)

  2. Ayt! Thanks. I hope we can get to & from there in an hour since we have very little time to spare. Maybe we should rent a van instead of commuting, we can’t afford 2hours of travel. I don’t think we can tour Vigan in 2hours or less,so it would be great if we could save time from road travel and have more time for touring.

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