The talented daughters of Hugely

Last night was a LEAD Movement reunion of sorts. “She’s like cooking for the entire barangay [village],” Boyet says, referring to Ona, the ever gracious host of our group brainstorming sessions. Nothing unusual, really. Also in the kitchen was her sister Buda, the other half of the cooking duo behind Hugely, a budding food to go business in Laoag. Did, Buda’s cooking partner in Hugely, is another sister of theirs. Ona whipped up a sausage fettuccine while Buda made fish tacos and banana Reese’s peanut butter chips Hugely style. The sisters come from a family who love food with a passion. The name Hugely is actually a contraction of their mom and dad’s names. So cute, it could also mean hearty?Hugely’s specialties are the Juan sisters’ personal favorites. They don’t have a fixed menu. They may have kung pao chicken pasta today, and then another time, maybe creamy salmon with capers or dill or tuyo pesto. It really depends on the availability of ingredients. They do business through the phone, and it works for them. They also cater for small parties. Because some clients demand to dine in their residence, they’ve begun accepting such requests. They are big on pastas and pies. Did’s pies include cappuccino cream, buko, apple and egg. Their light and crisp fish tacos are impressive. A taco shell is filled with melt-in-your-mouth cream dory fillet, lettuce leaves and mango salsa, just super with a squeeze of lemon and some habanero sauce.

Hugely food is very affordable. Only 75 pesos for a personal size pasta. A fish taco costs 40 pesos. You may check out the daily menu at these numbers: landline, 779 9940, and CP, 0908 454 2669.

Oh, by the way, I didn’t know Tanduay Ice could be so good. It’s a citrusy alcoholic (5%) beverage that’s like soda without the cloyingly sweet taste in the mouth.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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