Cruiser Bike Culture

An offshoot of vintage cruiser bicycles is the modern cruiser bicycles.  In the 80’s, there was a renewed interest in leisure biking. A demand for comfort and functionality made way for the resurgence of cruiser bikes. Like I said, vintage bike restoration is rather expensive because of the difficulty in finding new original stock (NOS) parts. Urban and beach cruisers fill the void left by the original cruisers. While established names specialized in bikes catering to speed or extreme biking enthusiasts, names such as Schwinn, Giant and Raleigh sprung up with fresh takes on cruiser bikes. Newer bicycle companies such as Electra, Phat Cycles, Johnny Loco, Shire Bicycles, Copacabana Bikes, and Nirve brought cruiser biking to a different level, and in fact, turned it into a new lifestyle. Low-maintenance, low-impact, low speed, heavy duty styling and classic flair are key considerations in the growing preference for cruisers. Between bike weight and safety, the most likely buyer of a cruiser bike will think of safety first. Not to mention that a cruiser can take him from the streets to the beach.

Dressing up a cruiser bike can be so much fun. It doesn’t stop with balloon tires. In my case, I wanted a bike bell. Next, a comfortable bike seat. And soft grips. Right now, I want a helmet that looks neither dorky nor too technologically advanced. Aerodynamics is too alien for the single-speed biker. And then there are those functional extras. Women like me want a bit of whimsy in their lives. I discovered Electra in Spokes ‘N Stuff  in LA where I got retro style saddle and grips for my vintage Columbia.

1. Electra bike saddle with springs 2. Electra Finger Groove Grips  3. Electra Camera Mount 4. Electra compass bell 5. Electra quick-release mounting kit for front wire basket 6. Electra quick release front wire basket 7. Nutcase multi-sport Gen2 helmet

You can also check out Urban Outfitter’s Bike Shop and Mirrycle Corporation for custom imprinted bells.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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