Max says…

I missed dinner and the hubby wanted coffee. I told him that, perhaps, Max’s had brewed kape barako (sshhh, strategy). They didn’t even have any other brewed coffee. “Not available. Instant lang,” says the waitress. Patay! He ordered fresh mango shake. “Wala rin,” says the waitress. He asked for fresh watermelon shake. “Meron.”  Ay, salamat! Then it was my turn to order pancit luglug, which I read was good, cauliflower soup and halo-halo (I also read  it is among the top 10 halo-halo in a survey). The waitress comes back. “Wala pong cauliflower soup.” Okay, the posters of laing tilapia were all over and screaming at me. I made pahabol the laing tilapia. “Wala din po.” I browsed through the menu, asked if they had gambas aligue. “Meron.” Ay, swerte!

Brandon and his friend Gen, who were on bikes, came by and joined us. Bran was lucky they had his lumpiang ubod (the same lumpiang ubod I featured here and here).

No one makes pancit luglug or pancit Malabon here in Laoag. Because of the thicker noodles, it is a different story from palabok, a mainstay at Jollibee, Kookie House, Dohan, Hotstuff and Sarah’s Kitchen. Pleased to see this favorite, which I ordered often at Barrio Fiesta, housed in 5 Sisters, before it shut down about a decade ago. Btw, I heard 5 Sisters is closing down soon. If supposed plans push through, big supermarket chains will be my new neighbors, exactly on the left and on the right.Verdict on the pancit luglug: Nagimas! I have one rant, though — the serving’s too tiny. I’m so used to the bilao size, you know (char).The gambas aligue is super delicioso! Rich and spicy hot. No thick sauce nor egg, the way I like my gambas to be. The hint of aligue (crabfat) is teasing. I had to eat it with rice. The downside — I find it high-priced at 267.00 Php.

Brandon's lumpiang ubod, my favorite as well.

The halo-halo never came. I decided to cancel it.

Our bill: 701.00 Php.

Max’s Restaurant Gen Segundo Ave. (former Bacarra Road), Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

One thought on “Max says…

  1. That’s what I’ve noticed about 98% of Filipino restaurants do not prepare their food on time. It used to be Turo Turo style but now it’s, “It’s not ready po”… or “We don’t have that”. Really irritating.

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