Yema con Pili

Bicol is famous for its hot and spicy cuisine as well as its pili industry. A versatile nut, pili from organically grown, indigenous pili trees is processed into a myriad of products ranging from specialty food to varnish resin.

Mazapan de pili and pili toffee top my list of fave pili confections. Relatives and friends would bring them to Ilocos. On my way to Baguio, it was a surprise to see yema con pili and candied pili nuts alongside Ilocos and other regional delicacies at Marsha’s Delicacies in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. I bought a pack of yema pili for 25 pesos. I easily consumed the whole pack. For the sweet tooth like me, it was gratifying! Milk with rich, flavorful pili, so uniquely Pinoy!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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