Money talks

“Jose Rizal is the most depicted image in our Philippine currency.  Besides being considered the national hero of the Philippines, Rizal represents the universal man and the excellence of the Malay race.”

excerpt from Mona Lisa H. Quizon’s “Monetizing Jose Rizal” featured on the National Historical Commission of the Philippines website.

Since 1972, Jose Rizal has been on the one peso coin. Being the national hero of the Philippines, he deserves to be on the basic unit of currency, which everyone can have. He is also on this old two peso bill, a piece from a friend’s old money collection that I ran into.

Collecting antique coins and notes is a not too common hobby that is why I had to bring out my camera. He actually had 2 thick albums. Scanning the pages brought the feeling of nostalgia. It felt wonderful revisiting history. More than that, it gave a sense of identity and pride. The illustrations tell the story of the resilience of our nation.

Credit: Monetizing Jose Rizal, by Mona Lisa H. Quizon

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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