Arny-Dading’s Cheesy Peachy-Peachy

My sis-in-law brought home a pack of Arny-Dading’s Peachy-Peachy. She made bida that it’s the best of its kind, with loads of cheese. It sounded good, and looked good as well.

Perhaps, the owners wanted their pichi-pichi, or pitsi-pitsi, to be distinct and hence the new spelling of the Filipino name for steamed cassava balls with grated coconut topping. Theirs come with either coconut or cheese. According to Shirley, it’s peachy-peachy with cheese that makes them so popular.

I had one and it was really special. It was chewy, had the right sweetness, and the cheese blended so nicely, making it an entirely different pichi-pichi.

I just hated the styrofoam packaging. She said that it was 6 pesos per peachy-peachy. With such a great product, they could charge a little more for a healthier packaging, and  I wouldn’t ever complain.

Arny-Dading’s  Main: Gov. Pascual Ave., Brgy. Concepcion, Malabon 281-9758/ 281-8164  Branches: NGR Bldg., Casino St. cor. South Superhighway, Brgy. Palanan (near Cash and Carry), Makati 729-5689/ 550-8079 • Congressional Ave., Project 8, Q.C. 454-0883 207  • Katipunan Ave., Project 4, Q.C. 433-6443 • 27-B Kamias Road, Q.C. 496-7553

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “Arny-Dading’s Cheesy Peachy-Peachy

  1. i never tried Arny and Dading’s yet but that looks good! I’ve always been an Amber’s pichi pichi fan– though i still prefer the one with grated coconut than the one with cheese… They have a new product though with ground peanut. I’d love to try that!

    • I heard positive comments about Amber’s. Pichi-pichi with ground peanuts sounds interesting — probably quite like Chinese moochi or tikoy.

  2. thank you for your trying out our peachy peachy : ) we are very happy you found it to your liking! as for the packaging, we are currently trying to look for alternative packaging that’s more eco-friendly and would value your suggestions. Thank you very much for a nice review!

    • great to hear from you! thanks! i came across biodegrable food packaging that’s made from sugarcane pulp from earthnomic designs. contact #09198888234. there’s also carton packaging like what they use for cakes and Chinese takeout food, more eco-friendly. more power to Arny-Dading’s delightful peachy-peachy!

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