something old, something new

Historical Bantay Belfry

We went to the 16th century Bantay Church in a calesa.  My first time to see the bell tower up close and personal. More impressive than I thought.

Alexa walks up and down the long stairway with much ease.

From there, we proceeded to the Vigan market to buy 2 kilos of longaniza from the winner of a longaniza cook-off recommended by the cuchero. Vigan’s longaniza is distinctly different from Laoag’s or Batac’s, though they are all unmistakably Ilocano in taste. I rotate my sources depending on my mood.

The following are the only photos from Baluarte, “a wildlife sanctuary” according to its website. A goose on the loose was enough to freak her out

Local flavor: fresh sugarcane juice.

Back in the heart of Vigan.

I guess Alexa can smell good chocolate cake from afar…

Baked by Gabby’s Bakeshop for The Perfect Cup.

“Dark and  bitter, mmnn!” I knew she loved it because it was gone fast.

Marvelous Braso de Mercedes, the custard filling, not sickly sweet!

If you’re from the northern side of Ilocos, National Bookstore alone is a good reason to go to Vigan. Alexa got notebooks, paper and pencils for the new school year.

Something that caught my attention — a green guide for teens☺

She excitedly wrote her name on one kit  for a less fortunate child.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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