Delicious time with Alexa at the Fort Ilocandia

Summer is the best time of the year because Alexa and I have much time to do things together. Today, I drove her around town for hours until I thought of punctuating the day with something special from the Fort Ilocandia. Fort Ilocandia always brings fond memories — good food and drinks, important family occasions, chitchats, hosting visiting friends or relatives, and so much more.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have chocolate ice cream for Alexa, so she had a brownie instead.

I had my old favorite Monte Cristo sandwich. It’s been there since forever. French toasted bread filled with chicken and cheese and a scoop of fruit salad as a side dish. Chicken in a small amount doesn’t hurt me, and besides, there’s always loratadine, so no worries☺ Amazingly, the Monte Cristo is still from the old recipe, as good as always!

Alexa and I shared a Ceasar’s salad, another old favorite at the Fort. This time I didn’t touch the grilled chicken. It was surprising that she tried a vegetable salad. She had some lettuce and hurriedly ate all the croutons and bacon bits☺

[She took this photo, by the way. ]

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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