Old time favorites at La Moda Panciteria

La Moda, one of the oldest existing businesses in Laoag to date, has already made a jillion people in Ilocos happier with their uncooked dried noodles and cooked Canton sa bilao. In Ilocos, Pancit Canton is the favored fare for any celebration.

La Moda Canton Guisado with bagnet.


Whenever my brother-in-law visits Ilocos, he won’t leave unless he goes to La Moda for his fill of fried rice with chicharon bits, which is served only in La Moda.

La Moda fried rice with bagnet.

Enjoying food they grew up with.

Crispy La Moda Fried Chicken.

Pork Sinigang.

Comfort food: Kimlo with misua and fresh egg.

Chopsuey, crispy bagbagis (intestines) and Lechon Karahay are among La Moda’s other bestsellers.

La Moda Panciteria has moved to a new address — Lagasca St. cor Gov. Primo Lazaro Ave., Brgy. 10, Laoag City.

Photographed by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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