Tire Out

Away from the maddening crowd, halfway on the road to rustic Adams for a breather from the banal trappings of everyday life, we were suddenly shaken by a treacherous circumstance down a curve. The Land Cruiser was getting off-track, wobbly and utterly uncontrollable. The dad’s speedy-but-clear full instructions and Brandon’s presence of mind helped us make it to the curb unscathed and whole.

The rear right tire was almost disengaged. All the studs were missing.

Help came all the way from Laoag. We decided not to proceed as planned. We took  the near mishap as a message from the angels — to slow down and observe Lent in the comfort of our humble abode.

I kept a distance from my keyboard for two days. I chose to stay in Alexa’s tiny room with the TV on. I watched The Seven Last Words and Charity Man. I realized that silence and peace could be found only in the quiet solitude of the heart.

This morning, news reached us — a  brother of the mister passed away.

God moves in mysterious ways. His messages may not be direct… He makes you ponder, He makes you reflect, He makes you find out for yourself…

Life on Earth is temporary.

Revisiting the sacrifices of Jesus, and celebrating His Goodness and Greatness is the true spirit of the Season of Lent.

Photographed by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “Tire Out

  1. Sometimes we have to learn how to read signs to discern. I’m glad you did… thank God for angels who try to give us those signs… you were saved. I’m sorry for your loss I know the feeling of losing someone having lost my dad a few months ago.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. That was a real close one!!! The whole Mateo clan also had a brush to such bad luck. Last year’s Semana, we borrowed a Tamaraw FX on a picnic in Sarrat river resort. I was on the steering wheel going home when the vehicle got woobly then made a creaking thud sound. I immediately stopped to find that the rear left tire has been removed and it got stuck between the leaf suspension and the body!!! All the wheel bolt-studs were gone!!! God was so merciful…

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