The heart of echostore

“…  echo of actions, resounding them to the world… “

Chit Juan, Jeannie Javelosa and Reena Francisco, three women with a common crusade, put up the first sustainable lifestyle store in the Philippines at the time when the wave of unjustifiable consumerism reached the tipping point. ECHO Store strikes a balance between what we need to change and what we want to cultivate. It echoes habits, practices — a frame of mind in tune with the environment. Seems like a Herculean task. Sticky issues, economic growth and social justice, are perpetually unavoidable when we talk about the environment.  But then, actions aimed toward empowerment, sustainability and  fair trade are what these three modern ladies are fervid about.

Organic wines made by the principle of organic farming.

Either natural or recycled.

Coffee sourced from Mindanaoan communities.

Supporting community livelihood projects. Buying and wearing one of these unique accessories made by urban poor women is a fashion statement in itself.

More organic coffee options.

Health in a bottle.

Recycled magazine pages instead of plastic bags.

Bought the 3 variants of dark theophilo chocolates — green mango and salt, siling labuyo, and pili and pinipig, which I have yet to try. A little gritty, old-fashioned, super dark with interesting flavors, awesome!

echostore, Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City

Photographed by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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