Brunch at Café Breton

“Britain” is short for Great Britain, and a “Briton” is a native of Great Britain. “Brittany” is a region of France, and a “Breton” is a native of Brittany.

Breton galettes, or crêperies, are popular in the French region of Britanny. In Metro Manila, where else to have savory and sweet crêpes but in my favorite crêpery, the Café Breton. There are only a few branches within the metropolis. Fortunately, there is one in Greenbelt 3, close to where we stayed over the weekend. I wanted something heavy that would last me the whole day, so I didn’t have a dessert crêpe. I got the bestselling Crêpe Bretonne with cheesy spinach and shrimps. It had the perfect saltiness to it, real mouthwatering goodness with every bite.

She knows her way around crêpes.

The taste still lingers in my palate.

My partner Lee’s cappuccino.

The ambiance was friendly and pleasant, just like how the start of the day should be.

Photographed by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

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