♥Forever 21♥

Over the weekend, busy Makati got even busier after the Friday opening of the second Forever 21 in the country. On opening day, fashionistas turned up in droves to get their hands on the latest wares at the giant fashion store. Stocks were replenished every now and then, while bouncers in black kept a watchful eye on the excited buyers and uzis like me.

I’ve witnessed the growth of the LA-based fashion retailer. My cousins, who live in California, introduced me to the tiny Forever 21 store near their place back then when I was just twenty-one LOL. The clothes were perfect for the petite Asians. Anyhow, my bargain loving momma, who frequented the LA Fashion District would buy me an item or two before sending a balikbayan box to the Philippines. Whenever I visited my family in LA, it was always a surprise to find out that the Forever 21 stores grew bigger and bigger, with more stores all over America. It has become a global fashion brand. A little anecdote  about shopping with Ericke in LA, mom and daughter enter Forever 21, but go separate directions. After a couple of hours, mom and daughter show up at the counter with identical items. I guess no one is too young nor too old for Forever 21. It is forever the store where stylish meets practical.


Bold Stripes


Garden Party Florals

Animal prints

Color Matters

Patterns and Prints

Pretty Little  Underthings

Because I adore Forever 21 and I like the awesome staff, who didn’t mind my indiscreet camera, I got two pairs of summer sandals even if I don’t need them.

Photographed by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “♥Forever 21♥

  1. my 72 yo aunt is the accountant for the company (production side). She adores & loves the owners—they’re generous & treat her well. my only complain is that my aunt does not know how to use her perks! I would be buying all the rejects for dollar or two like everybody else in the company. ay sus…

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