… no typing under the influence!

Tons of thanks to the readers of BlauEarth! It’s been two years and I’m still here posting anything bloggable about my hometown, my adventures and misadventures, and some random personal stuff. Rehashing an old subject could be sapping. I’m fortunate that I have some sort-of-hypomania episodes, or maybe they’re the real thing, but I relish those insane intervals, when the juices just flow.

Yes, so true, “blogging is sharing a state of the mind.”

So if you’ve been wanting to start a blog, here’s a baby list I made that you might care to read:

  • For your weblog, choose a theme that you really love.
  • Current, well-taken photos is a must in blogging. It’s either you can write exquisitely that you don’t need photos at all, or you can tell a story through photographs. I usually start by uploading photos, and then I write the story, and then arrange the photos as I go on, and then edit the whole thing over and over again ’til I’m satisfied.
  • Blog from the heart. Never fake a thing because it will show no matter what.
  • Communicate to your readers as if you were just conversing with them. Be normal and avoid highfalutin language, unless perhaps, you want a literary blog.
  • Ask the opinion of someone if you’re unsure of something. I usually ask my housemates.
  • Don’t steal! Always credit borrowed photos.
  • Express yourself in your own unique way. Don’t ape someone.
  • Never post an entry that you don’t like.
  • If you don’t like what you’re doing, quit!
  • Don’t give blogging a bad name
  • Photographed by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

    2 thoughts on “… no typing under the influence!

    1. congratulations tina ..2 years and counting to a blogsphere where it led us to meeting and became good friends with you and your awesome family.

      • many thanks, Tita Lita! the reward of blogging is the connectivity. it’s so amazing that i get to meet people like you!

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