green spaces

Not a single lamp was lighted on my visit to a friend’s house cum office. A 5k a month electric bill on this side of the planet is super economical! Alarming news, mine is 300% more! They utilize ceiling skylights and energy-efficient windows. Aside from the enormous peso savings, the owners, who designed their home and office themselves, are lightening their footprint hugely.

The lady of the house is an avid collector of knickknacks. Where did she hide the trove, I wonder?

The blue chair in the middle is a DIY project.

Oh, here’s the hideout!

BTW, the residence is a renovated old house. It feels and looks all new to me.

Photographed by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “green spaces

  1. Hi Manang tina 🙂 Do you mind my asking whowns this house? I want to ask her personally who designed it. You may PM me in my email, I hope it is okay. Thanks!

    • Hi, Christian! I haven’t gone to Batac to try the lumpianada. Hopefully, later in the pm.

  2. my dream house,i guess i will feel relieved & rested if i have this type of house.ha,ha,ha,mataas pa rin sakin un 5k a month on electric bill huh.BTW, what does DIY stand for?

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