Dragon fruit flower lumpia

People keep talking about the odd-looking fruit that has taken Ilocos Norte by storm. Dragon fruit is not in season right now, but tourists and locals flock to REFMAD Farms to take a breather and enjoy the farm’s other products, authentic farm products, such as ice cream, baked goodies, tea, and, now, spring rolls, or lumpia, made from dried dragon fruit flowers. If it isn’t strange enough, the lumpia tastes like meat. It’s light, goes very well with sukang Iloco, and perfect for a summer snack. My Tita Lita and I had green tea with toasted rice (her baon, actually) in between bites of those flavorful sticks.

REFMAD Farms, Brgy. 1, Paayas, Burgos, Ilocos Norte

Photographed by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

15 thoughts on “Dragon fruit flower lumpia

    • you should try it, Ariane. it oddly tastes like meat. we loved it! 150– per platter. best eaten fresh from the pan at the farm!

  1. Wanna try it some time… Ma’am Tina, there’s this “Lumpianada” (Lumpia+Empanada) I’ve been hearing. They sell it in Batac although I haven’t tasted it yet. 🙂

  2. tina you did the “tina thing “again…take the picture before eating ….hehehe i really treasure our moments together…its priceless.

    • i came to know the other side of Herdy, Tita — he is adventurous! i heard of this new “awesome” food that is intriguing. i don’t want to preempt the story, just wait ’til i have time to try it out myself.

  3. sounds interesting! i didn’t know that the flower can be eaten as well. we have one plant here in our backyard in cavite and it already bear fruits. usually on the month of may the flower blooms and fruit can be harvested after a month.

  4. @edison: the flowers used for the lumpia are dried, sort-of like dried banana blossoms, which the Chinese use for adobo. they don’t taste the same, however.

  5. it really taste good. we tried to make lumpia out of df flowers but we used still fresh flowers maybe a few days after they’ve opened. we thought that’s what they make for lumpia. after a few days we found out that the fruits from those flower dried up and eventually withered so we lost some fruits out of making those lumpias hehehe…

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