My Monday’s MEDIAVORE diary

2 December 2010, Monday Issue 5’s Threesixty° ‘Northern Exposure’ and ‘Dune Day Out’ photo shoot at the La Paz Sand Dunes with writers Karl de Mesa and Jose Bimbo Santos, photographer Paolo Seen, sandboarders Ericke Tan and Mark Nicolas and LEAD Movement’s BE.

A mirage in the desert becomes real…

23 January 2011, got my Monday Issue 5. What’s mediavore? As Monday Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director Ric Gindap writes: “Mediavore’s etymology is rooted on two conventional words: media and carnivore.”

13 February 2011, Viktorino “Ino” Caluza, the man behind custom label Viktor Jeans and Viktor Denim Gallery (Greenbelt and Trinoma),  won’t settle for less; he shreds the Ilocos Norte dunes until he has vanquished all his worries.

Ino’s brainchild, Viktor, on Monday Issue 5, pages 182-191.

13 February 2011, Jagnus Design “weaves a dream” in Ilocos. Principal Partner John Cruz, Principal Architects/ Partners Arnold Austria and Sonny Sunga with John’s gorgeous wife commercial model/ Magic899 deejay Angelika Schmeing-Cruz, sandboarders Ericke and Brandon Tan and BE. (Ino Caluza was with the same sandboarding group.)

The Jagnus Design Studio on Monday’s Issue 5 Area ‘This Is Not A Store But We Sell Dreams’, pages 80-81.

19 February 2011, with Jun Arvin Gudoy (of PGIN CMO) and his guests at  Bistro 51, Laoag, Ilocos Norte. The guy in eyeglasses happens to be Carl Joe Javier, one among the “ultra neat people who helped make MEDIAVORE: Monday’s Edition 5.” (In the middle is Palanca Hall of Famer Nicolas Pichay who has roots in Ilocos Norte.)

It seems like Ilocos Norte is a stone’s throw. Media just makes anything so easy.

Photos by Paolo Seen, Ericke Tan, Emma Luz Martinez-Rico and Blauearth

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