Paoay Lake Asian Bird Census 2011

On January 15, 2011, a small flock of birders paid Paoay Lake a call for the Asian Water Bird Census. It was my first time to be with a group of avid birders who benevolently share their time and effort in the protection and conservation of the world’s biodiversity.

The Paoay Lake, “most northerly lake” according to Gina Mapua, is feeding point to birds heading south. As always, it was no less than local birdwatcher Dr. Petrus “Pete” Calope who spearheaded the bird count. Elsie Nolasco of the DENR-PAWB and Richard Ruiz, Dr. Pete’s birding buddy, assisted in the task. From Manila, Gina Mapua and hubby, Ixi and Mikeli Mapua and anac ti Batac Cecil Morella were among the Paoay Lake group. Gina and Ixi were very accommodating, helping me figure out the results of the count.

The untiring Dr. Pete Calope.

Early bird Bishop Sergio Utleg.

Victor and Ann Ang and daughter Ginger try to know more about bird appreciation. Ixi  shows Ginger how to peep through the lens.

A busy morning at the Paoay Lake View Deck.

In focus, Cecil and Ixi.

Ixi and company also visited the Paoay Sand Dunes for a bird check.

About birdwatching as a sport, here’s a tip they shared — “Buy the most expensive. When you get super upgrade, don’t lend your gadgets. Take care of your own things. Never be distracted by anything.” A spotting scope may be costly, and I’ve met birders who won’t settle for cheap quality.

Dr. Pete and Ms. Elsie do the reports.

Kind and informative Gina Mapua.

I don’t like posing like this, heheh… for documentation purposes only, okay?

For now, the Provincial Govenment of Ilocos Norte and the Local Government Unit of Paoay, Dr. Pete Calope and the barangays covered by the Paoay Lake are making moves to improve the environment making it conducive to birds who feed in the Paoay Lake National Park.

*I’m really sorry for not having the gadgets to shoot some of the ducks I saw that morning.
Photos by Blauearth  Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

5 thoughts on “Paoay Lake Asian Bird Census 2011

  1. Dear Friends,

    Many compliments to you all for carrying out wonderful work. Wetlands International thanks for your support to AWC and conservation of Waterbirds We wish you all good luck for future efforts.

    Best Wishes
    Dr. Bharat Jethva
    AWC Coordinator
    Wetlands International South Asia
    New Delhi, India

  2. It’s already the middle of October again, we will be monitoring the arrival of the cormorant by the 1st of November 2011, let me know if you want to come. Doc Pete

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