“Kung hei fat choy!” My treat at Ha Yuan…

Masangkay Street in the Binondo area is not known for restaurants. A Chinese hospital and a school are the main attractions in this street. However, Ha Yuan Fast Food is a magnet to schoolchildren, Binondo residents, visitors of the Metropolitan Hospital, where my first child was born, and Chinoys from the province who miss the old traditional Chinese and Filipino snacks that have remained to be all-time favorites.

Special tikoy (glutinous rice cake) for the coming Chinese New Year.

Tokwa and tofu to go. Tahue Taohu (according to the Chinese-speaking hubby) is also a bestseller.

Siomai at 15 pesos a piece.

All-Filipino banana turon.

Bitso-bitso, quite like churros, albeit lighter. Pinoys also call them Long Johns.

The piece de resistance, an 80-peso bowl of hot and sweet and tasty Asado Mami, a barbecued pork noodle soup with a big blob of the house hot sauce!!

One bowl is not enough!

Asado to take home to Ilocos!

Photos by Blauearth  Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

9 thoughts on ““Kung hei fat choy!” My treat at Ha Yuan…

    • I’m really sorry. I might have made a mistake about the spelling of tahue… it’s like what I saw on the menu board:) Anyways, it is the same as the lowly taho, as in the silky soya bean being peddled around. bitso-bisto is made of flour, tastes like plain donut that is sugar-dipped.

  1. Please enlighten me, Tina. I believe that Chinese New Year for the Year of the Rabbit will start on February 3, 2011. But there are many professionals announcing during the Gregorian New Year that January 1 also dawns upon the Year of the Rabbit!(?). Pinoys trying to adapt on Chinese Feng Suey (I don’t know how it is spelled!) want to get into the Year of the Rabbit, even the grandstanding manghuhulas are saying future (mis)happening things according to the rabbit’s behabior, starting Jan1,2011 as the Year of the Rabbit. Kung Hei Fat Choi! [I’ll claim my red envelop later,ha?..joke, he,he…]

    • Yes , the Chinese New Year is on Feb 3. I consider it the start of the the Year of the Rabbit. Heheh, tikoy na lang:)

  2. Gee, thanks! I love the tikoy, it cleans your teeth while eating it as all the left-over foods in your teeth stick to the tikoy and you simply swallow them all in. [Quite an effective way of extracting tinga, LOL!]

  3. So sorry, I’ve gotten so green in my diet that even my jokes are getting greener, he,heh… My days are hectic due to some technical problems we are encountering with our company. We hope things would settle well sooner. Anyway, I wish to receive some red envelops (ampao’s) soon and would surely redden up my pockets and brighten up my days…

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