The Zapp Family spends Christmas 2010 in Ilocos Norte

Spark Your Dream is a book written by Candelaria and Herman Zapp. It is an awesome story of an Argentinian couple living a dream life around the world. They travel the world in their wooden-wheeled 1928 Graham Paige limited edition. From Argentina to Alaska and many big cities and obscure towns, and to the Philippines… they are enjoying the warm hospitality of the Filipinos. “I am amazed,”  beams Candy. “Filipinos are extroverts.”

I asked what is the most unforgettable part of their journey. “The people,” says Herman.

The Zapps visit The Capitol of Ilocos Norte.

Manang Imee Marcos speaks fluent Latin.

Signing a book for Manang Imee, the 9th of the last books they brought with them to the Philippines. (Happy to have one!)

Spending a night at the Mira de Polaris Hotel of doctors Francis, Jr. and Gretchen Ranada.

After shoppin’ for necessities at the Robinsons Ilocos Norte. “In the Philippines, I am impressed that you have everything,” says Candy.

Their kitchen.

Lunch at Macy’s Diner, where they had steak, bagnet, spaghetti and banana smoothies.

The eldest Pampa. Pampa means plane:) His siblings are named Tehue, Paloma and Wallaby.

Off to Pagudpud for a Christmas Eve by the beach in Saud Beach Resort.

The Zapps love Ilocos. They feel comfortable leaving their car unlocked.

“I wonder how will it be when the children are bigger.”

“We’re taking it one day at a time. We never plan.”

Photos by Blauearth  Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2 thoughts on “The Zapp Family spends Christmas 2010 in Ilocos Norte

  1. Wish I had the chance to see this wonderful & adventurous family! They’re a new breed of wandering people roaming around the world within their own meager means, though some people are doing the same ’round-the-world adventures: on bikes, on sailboats, etc but individually, not for an entire family. Year-end necessities, office meetings and chores hamper me to get around as much as I want to see some goings-on around. My wife’s HBP and high blood sugar added obstacles to quench my extrovert-whims and other social obligations.

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