Showing up unannounced at Kapuluan Vista Resort

I was assigned to bring  Mark, Kendi and Linda to Kapuluan Vista Resort in Sitio Banniaran, Brgy. Balaoi, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte a few days ago. Mike, the other half of the busy Oida couple behind the successful Kapuluan Vista Resort, was out surfing with guests, but we were lucky to see Alma. We cut short Alma’s gardening mode (Sorry, Alma!) and she joined us after we had a tour of the lovely little resort tucked in far Banniaran, some meters away from Blue Lagoon.

Alma and Drew who still remembers me.

Mike and Alma’s unica hija… still shy at first.

There she goes with her popular smile. She’s one of the most photographed baby on earth. With her is Julia, Drew’s pup.

Kapuluan’s best of the best — Tuna Kilawin with sesame oil dressing.

New at Kapuluan — Adam’s organic cacao drink with muscovado.

Guilt-free eggless leche flan, yum!

(Thanks, Alma, for the wonderful brunch! Kendi was raving about the Kilawen on our way home and she’s looking forward to booking a vacation with friends.)

Photos by Blauearth  Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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