Jaw-Dropping Laoag City Gymnastics Group on Showtime

Wowers! Congrats, Ilocos Norte College of Arts and Trades and Shamrock Elementary School!!!

Update: The Laoag City Gymnastics Group is one of the two groups that bested the weekly finals in a unanimous decision. They’re set to compete in the monthly finals of the controversial ABS-CBN noontime talent show, Showtime. Again, congrats!

5 thoughts on “Jaw-Dropping Laoag City Gymnastics Group on Showtime

  1. They won the weekly finals!!! However, they tied up with another group. But the audience unanimously voted perfect 10 for them…same as what they got from the judges…and they are the first ever contestants who received standing ovation according to one of the hosts. CONGRATULATIONS LAOAG CITY GYMNASTIC GROUP led by Mr Christian Espiritu!!! Good luck on the Finals!

  2. guys performance was really awesome,,,,fantastic, what else can you ask for, btw does anyone knows what are the songs or titles of the dance/songs used by laoag gymnast group during the competetion, please help, thanks in advance

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