Davila Mangrove Cleanup with MMSU students

Teacher Herdy asked Eugene if I wanted to join his MMSU  Batac students for a National Service Training Program Civil Welfare Training Service (NSTP CWTS) cleanup activity in Davila, Pasuquin. I wasn’t able to go the first time, but last Saturday, I made sure I would be one of the volunteers. I’m happy that there are more people who are taking notice of the importance of our mangrove ecosystems. We need to take good care of these natural structures for sustainable coastal and marine resources and protection against typhoons and soil erosion. Let us not choke up our mangroves with plastics and other pollutants, neither cut off the mangrove trees.

Mangrove propagules.

Huwag i-bonsai!

The distinct finger-like roots of mangrove trees.

Fish habitat.

Mangroves are crucial to fight tsunamis.

Kudos to the MMSU Batac BS Computer Science and BS Math student volunteers and their class adviser.

More threats to the mangroves.

Making sure the garbage goes to the city landfill.

Si Manong naman. Nagmukha akong Senadora with verbal diarrhea after seeing the minibus driver empty the back luggage compartment of the garbage bags full of plastic trash the kids initially loaded. And where? Naku po! At the end of the narrow road leading to the highway. Pina-load ko nga uli.

Thank  you to the Barangay Davila Officialdom headed by Barangay Captain Agoo.
Photos by Blauearth  Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2 thoughts on “Davila Mangrove Cleanup with MMSU students

  1. why did i not hear about this?i was there and itching to see places like this and to help clean up?sir herdy did not inform me or asked me.

    • sorry, Tita. i thought you read about this. i’ve been blogging about mangroves from time to time, also on the LEAD Movement blog site. anyways, this area in Pasuquin is one of my favorite places. it is also where we saw dolphins in 2006. there’s a lot that needs to be done here like information and education campaign. it’s not just plastics that are posing a danger to wildlings. there’s also breaking coral reefs to obtain endangered flora for bonsai that sell expensively:( the government needs to address the harmful practices in coastal communities like Davila. i have to thank Herdy for choosing Davila for one of his NSTP classes to raise awareness.

      let’s go when you’re here again. so sayang that we had little time to go to places like this.

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