October Moon: Stargazing in Subic

What’s in the deafening night sky?

Stargazing is for the amateur astronomer, anyone who wants to discover the planet, stars and galaxies. For a closer view of the celestial bodies, you will be needing a telescope or a spotting scope which may cost you an arm and a leg; prices range from 15K-1M pesos. The telescope can double as a birding scope. Or a stalking gadget, perhaps, for someone with bats in the belfry.

A star map and a red reading light are among  the  important equipment in astronomy.

Enthusiasts from the Astrobirders of Quezon City, also members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines, came over to Subic to lend their expertise for the nocturnal activity of the ecoguiding program of the International School of Sustainable Tourism (ISST).

We also viewed the sun which is the brightest star of all. I peered through the scope, and I saw 3 dots, which are said to be the much cooler parts of the sun. Filters and protective eye gadgets are a must when viewing or photographing celestial objects.

They say the best time to observe the moon is from first quarter to half moon.

image by Don Balanhi

The moon, through my cam, taken by Henry So

Want to impress a girl? I bet you’ll win her over with a killer stargazing evening.

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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