School Break

Yesterday, all the trainees from all across the country, including myself, formed the first ecoguiding association in the Philippines. We named it PEGA for the Philippine Eco Guides Association. We’re done with a set of officers and unbelievably, a real cool logo; thanks to the creativity of Babbu Wenceslao of Dumaguete City.

As part of our ecoguiding training at the ISST, today, we were brought to the fine  eco-adventure sites in Subic — Pamulaklakin, Triboa Mangrove, JEST Camp, El Kabayo Falls and Zoobic Safari.

Not exactly in the outline, Tree Top Adventure was a treat. A bonus and a breather actually. No nerve-wracking classroom atmosphere.

The Philippine Eco Guides with Roslan and  Suhaimi from Teman Negara and Langkawi in Malaysia.

If we were a tree, we’d be a Christmas tree…

The most fun people I know.

We’re the tourists this time. Love.

My seatmate, Eires, a biodiversity expert. I call her Melai sometimes.

One hella Superman Ride! Awesome view!!

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