Via Mare opens in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

The famous Via Mare just opened its outlet in Subic Freeport Zone at the Traders Complex, and the first trainees of the trainors’ training of the International School of Sustainable Tourism headed by Dr. Mina Gabor got invited to cocktails by the gracious Via Mare owner herself, Mrs. Glenda Barretto, a culinary expert, writer and book publisher.

All ready is my classmate Tsunami Valenzuela of Adventours Xchange, a force to be reckoned with in regard to tourism in Bulacan.

Mayor Gordon, Dr. Mina Gabor and Mrs. Glenda Barretto.

Gracing the affair were Olongapo Mayor James “Bong” Gordon and friends of Mrs. Barretto from Manila and Olongapo.

Do you see what I see? From Via Mare’s Oyster Bar.

Inviting Chicken Tinola Flan.

A-ok Pâté.

Lumpiang Ubod in a lovely presentation.

Pretty Cafe Via Mare staff.

I met Dr. Ed Sison of Perez Optical who considers himself part Ilocano a taga iddiay Santiago, Ilocos Sur.

Jonathan of Davao, Ganggang of Ormoc, Ruel of Kalinga, Grema of Bacolod and my roommate Reina of Cagayan de Oro.

Resource speaker Robby Cereno of UP Los Baños, Babbu of Dumaguete, Glenn of Bohol, Roy of Lake Sebu, South Cotabato and Bert of Iloilo (standing).

My plate. I was trying not to look like I haven’t eaten oysters in years LOL But I actually went back for a heftier plate of the succulent oysters. I also tried the yummy pancit luglug and shrimp fritters.

Lumpiang Ubod and Grilled Kesong Puti Pan de Sal sandwich on my second plate.

My fourth, Via Mare specialty, bibingka topped with salted duck egg slices and butter, and puto bungbong with grated coconut and muscovado sugar on the side.

Aww, thanks for a memorable oyster evening☺

I hope I can squeeze in more time for my awesome jungle photos. Yes, we were out in the wild for two days now. The bees are huge on this side of the planet.

Cafe Via Mare L16 Building 640 Traders Complex, Sampson Rd., Subic Freeport Zone
Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

5 thoughts on “Via Mare opens in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

  1. You are like Princess Diana who eats like a horse but maintains a gorgeous figure! I have also seen pretty Singaporean ladies who are good munchers but still athletic, slanky and sexy. Makes me wonder how you and the others do it… When I eat a heavy meal, I get heavier by the kilo and with a heftier belly (OMG!)!! Still, I cannot resist the temptation when there are nice mouth-watering plates of food at the table, all for easy grab!!!

  2. Right On!!! I eat a kilo of dragon fruit on a daily basis. Dr. Roger Braceros told me that I might end up having pointed skins like the cacti in due time, LOL!!!

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