Serendipity at Kalye Lagasca

Looking for food, Blauearth and Co. hit Kalye, short for Kalye Lagasca, one among the more comfortable places to be after sundown. I didn’t see any oggling DOMs, nor stupefied assholes. But guess who was with his San Mig light? Promise, I wasn’t stalking… just pure serendipity.

I saw hardened journo Herdy La. Yumul, not at all the guy I envisioned while reading his Ilocos Times column and Riknakem blog. Thanks to Eugene for introducing me to his MMSU professor.

The unflinching writer is angelic, benign and he smiles. Yeah, he smiles more than the priests he writes about, promise. You should read his witty “Why beer is better than religion” which gave me a good laugh, actually.

I’m feeling journo… photo op with Herdy and his date, Ilocos Times staff reporter Leilanie Adriano.

Eugene’s liempo, which he liked.

It’s obviously squid, but Brandon says he ordered gambas, and he expected shrimps; so theirs must be squid gambas.

The cool Kalye crowd.


Photos by Blauearth and Co. Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

10 thoughts on “Serendipity at Kalye Lagasca

  1. You are like the yin and the yang. You are sweet, Yumul is spicy.

    I may not agree with everything he writes, but I do admire his chutzpah.

    By the way, agent friends from the ‘porn’ call centers exposed in his column frequent Kalye Lagasca. They may have been there that night, too.

  2. Yay, so lucky indeed! I just said “yes” to Herdy’s quickie temptation about an hour earlier when the paparazzi caught us in this position. Oh man, beer really does miracle and it works in mysterious ways! Cheers! 🙂

    • @Heavenly Flowers: LOL I just realized while I was blogging that I almost twitted that I wanted to be a paparazzi earlier yesterday:)))
      to more stories about our beloved Ilocos, cheers!!

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