Shopping for Sanuk

After a very long affair with flip-flops, I suddenly had the urge to shop for shoes. Rest Toe Run in Robinsons Ilocos Norte comes in handy. I found Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers aka “Not A Shoes”. They are actually sandals with shoe uppers. Early on, I discovered Sanuk flip-flops in a surf shop at the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California. I think that was in 2004. I’m not too sure, but the roots of the word Sanuk is Thai for fun. Anyways, the California-based company has earned loyal followers from all over the globe through the years. Their Sidewalk Surfers won for them Fashion Industry’s most prestigious honors, the “Innovation of The Year” award by trade publication Apparel Magazine in the US.

I read they’re on the racks of chichi US stores like Fred Segal’s and Barney’s, and most surf and outdoor shops. Check out Brad Pitt’s pair of Sidewalk Surfers (here), and Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale’s (here).

Rest Toe Run in Ilocos carry their flip-flops, sandals and slip-ons. I heard Handy Lao, CEO of Vertext, sports a pair of bluish gray Sidewalk Surfers for his long drives.

Oh, I love Sanuk all the more because they are packed in biodegradable bags!

Quirky, comfy and laid-back — my words for the fun sandals.

Eugene’s new pair, reminiscent of Top Siders boat shoes.

It’s got to be red for my boring outfits.

Imeldific influence… OMG, and another one in Pucci-inspired print for my plain colored tops☺

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Kimmidolls arrive in Laoag

Contemporay Kokeshi dolls and so much more from Kimmidoll™.

Kimmi Junior dolls from the Kimmidoll™ Collection.

So very new at Red Dot boutique are the modern Japanese-inspired Kimmidolls from Kimmidoll™. Ambassadors of “Life’s True Values” like Kindness, Happiness, Joy and Respect, they convey Love and Friendship making them unique collectibles and gifts.

In Japan, handcrafted Kokeshi dolls date back to the 19th century. A favorite gift for a newborn child, it is believed to bring good luck and health.

Among the collection are figurines, keychains, pens, purses, notebooks, utility bags, mirrors, jewelry and so much more.

I got my own pocket notebooks. I wish to fill them up with great stories for my blog☺♡

Make your luggage easy to spot with Kimmi ID tags.

Adorable hairbrushes with timeless inspirational quotes.

Available at Red Dot, F.R. Castro St., Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
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