The things I want to do before I die

Life is too short — that’s the bottomline of Pat Evangelista’s Storyline last night. We saw Rene Saguisag talking about life with and without his Dulce. He thought she was gonna reach the age of 90, but he lost her earlier and in a way that was unimaginable to him.

If I were to die tomorrow, I’d probably regret that I haven’t accomplished these things…

  1. Learn parkour. I want to be better than Evelyn Salt.
  2. Explore the Tubbataha Reef.
  3. Experience a backpacking adventure in Tibet.
  4. Photograph the Dalai Lama.
  5. Be the hubby’s food adventure tour guide in Thailand.
  6. Volunteer in India for a year.
  7. Drive around Santorini, Greece.
  8. Splurge on a family vacation in Budapest, Hungary.
  9. Learn to dance the hip hop.
  10. Watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show live.
  11. Ride a bicycle in Vietnam.
  12. Go to beauty school. I can cut hair, but I want formal training.
  13. Loaf with Alexa on the white sands of  Panglao Island.
  14. Revisit the dolphins in Davila, Pasuquin.
  15. Pole dance.
  16. Live in the countryside
  17. Put up my own gelato shop.
  18. Teach.
  19. Forgive and forget.
  20. Write a book.

7 thoughts on “The things I want to do before I die

  1. go for the beauty school now my Friend…sa Basement Salon just beside Shangrila Mall…full support ako dyan…then we could put up our parlor!!!

  2. Hey, I would love to see you do a pole dance, ha,ha! Your hubby would not allow anybody else as audience, I’m quite sure!
    Anyway, as for me, I wish I could write a book also and hope to travel some more other places. I wish I could earn enough on my retirement from employment to have my own business to sit on in my waning days. Herdy wishes me luck on my plans to establish a crematorium here in Laoag. I pray and hope I could muster enough resources and determination for this future endeavor.

    • @Finie: Hi! I wish you more than a happy married life and a son:)
      @Marla: I hope we will be able to do it in our lifetime.
      @Asiong: hahah.
      A crematorium is a great idea and , in fact, I was telling my family, just in case I leave earlier, I want to be cremated. I want to be remembered as how I looked when I were alive. I wish you all the best. I wonder what book are you gonna write?

  3. Oh, I started writing a few lines and anecdotes regarding my employment experiences in Saudi Arabia. Actually, I have written the epilogue, happenstances of applying at the agency while still employed with PLDT in Makati when it is still a 1st class town. I wonder why Batac and other towns are so eager to be a city but Makati took the time to mature enough before applying for Cityhood.

    • Interesting. Your personal accounts might be helpful to future OFWs. Our very own Anac ti Batac Nina Corpuz wrote and won for “Filipino Domestic Workers, Between Justice and Survival.” It was chosen as the best story on labor rights at the International Labor Conference by the ILO in Geneva, Switzerland.

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