Carlos Celdran: Love him or hate him?

His Way

Rock star Filipino tour guide, artist, blogger, cultural activist, and Reproductive Health Bill advocate enters a road with a no entry sign and lands in jail.

Like lightning, his stunt caused a jolt in the front pews that reverberated across the walls of the Manila Cathedral and into cyberspace where supporters quickly put up a Free Carlos Celdran Facebook page. Even if he’s out on bail, the number of people liking him on FB is still rising — 14,000 15,000 the last time I checked 18,500 after a 24-h timespan.

What Celdran has achieved, imao, is that he has brought the public at large to openly talk about the burning issues between the State and the Church.

Here are links to two articles I stumbled upon today: A Catholic Taliban Rules the Philippines? and  Carlos Celdran: Machiavellian, no doubt.

On the possibility that the Church excommunicates him, the cultural activist says, “Baka mag-Iglesia ni Cristo na lang ako, proudly Philippine made [I may join the Iglesia ni Cristo, which originated in the Philippines].”

Get to know Carlos in this video

Know more about him in

images via Free Carlos Celdran on Facebook

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