Currimao Tupig, gone in 60 seconds…

On a dune bashing adventure with visitors from the Tourism Infrastructure Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), former Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA), we dropped by the Currimao municipio for a merienda prepared by the Municipal Tourism Officer. I had to call someone on the phone and I almost didn’t catch their buttery tupig loaded with heavenly flavors. Only one was left argh! Super bitin na bitin and my photo didn’t even turn out well:(

According to the pretty lady at the office, their tupig is a community livelihood project. Special boxes are made by the LGU to help the makers with better packaging and marketing of the food products.

Pugon (kiln) -baked traditional Ilocos tupig is made with glutinous rice flour, grated young coconut, coconut cream, toasted sesame seeds and molasses. Modern tupig makers have improved the art by incorporating butter into the recipe. Conventional ovens are now also being used by many.

The best tupig ever… as if made in heaven!!

Call these numbers for special orders. 77-773-1905/ 77-793-6930/ 77-793-6800
Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

5 thoughts on “Currimao Tupig, gone in 60 seconds…

  1. during my childhood days during christmas people made home made tupigs for the our house it was a family affair .growing up with 6 siblings we each have assigned chore when we made the gathers the banana leaves grate the coconut,mix the dough etc. and then we all sit down and wrap the dough in the banana leaves….i was always known to make the biggest tupigs because i want to put a mark and be able to “recognize my tupig”it was always a bonding time then and now we are with families and staying in different localities i long for those days.i wish we have those days re lived again

    • it’s great to hear your lovely story about the old Ilocano tradition of making tupig.
      tupig is one of the most loved pasalubong to fellow Ilocanos abroad. relatives store their tupigs in the freezer.

  2. Wow, you just make my mouth watery right now.. Tupig is one of my favorite Ilocano delicacies, aside from Empanada, Miki, Bagnet and many others. The sticky texture makes it more appealing and delicious looking.

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