Hang Loose in Ilocos! Softcore Sandboarding…


The new board was made for softcore sandboarders like me. From the peak, the view down below was just overpowering. Remembering my helmet was too late. I just closed my eyes and hung loose…


Book a sand dune adventure with the Laoag Eco-Adventure Development (LEAD) Movement Inc, the innovators of sandboarding in Ilocos.
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7 thoughts on “Hang Loose in Ilocos! Softcore Sandboarding…

  1. Hopefully the province can develop the sand dune area as a sandboarding destination. The province of La Union has already been making a lot of noise because of its La Union Surfing Break.

  2. Does it have the same concept as snowboarding? Do you use heel/toe to manuever or do you just direct the board forward? I snowboard & you should come & visit me so that we can do it together….

    • it should be like snowboarding, i guess.
      the climate we have, wherein there the rains are erratic, makes it different from sandboarding abroad. the top of the sand may look dry but it’s wet and hard inside, so maneuvering is difficult.

  3. Ilocos Norte is really a promising place to visit and to explore… it offers a lot of things to tourist. Although, I have not tried sand boarding I can recommend surfing in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

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