Lumpiang Ubod from “the house that fried chicken built”

Filipino Spring Roll, Lumpiang Ubod

Max’s Restaurant is still going strong after more than six decades. Early on, the Filipino-owned restaurant  catered to American soldiers during the American occupation in the Philippines. It wasn’t long until the locals heard of their juicy and tender chicken with crispy skin. It became a hit in Manila.

Back in secondary school, Max’s Fried Chicken was exciting to me. It was my brother who first brought me to the restaurant. After discovering it was chicken that was causing my allergies, I decided to stay away from chicken for life, but not Max’s.

Lumpiang Ubod na Sariwa (Fresh Palm Heart Spring Roll)

When it opened in Laoag, I found so many likable dishes from their menu of standard Filipino dishes. I was impressed with their sariwang lumpiang ubod (fresh palm heart spring roll). The crêpe wrapper was thin, not too floury, and the peanut sauce was tasty and not lumpy. Whenever I go to Max’s, lumpiang ubod would always be my number one order.

Dessert Medley

After checking out the menu for updates, I wanted to try the dessert sampler. I had their Ube Decadence before, but not the other three parts of the medley — Leche Flan, Buko Pandan and Cream Cheese Brownie a la Mode. The flan was okay, but I wished it had more syrup. I’m not fond of pandan, but it was also okay. The best in the sampler was the cream cheese brownie with chunky walnuts. It would be even more special if they made it more chewy and fudgy.

My cook at home saw me upload the photos and she asked if I ate all that I photographed. Well, I had to…

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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