Easy but extraordinary shrimp recipe with Claude’9 XO Chili Sauce

Before meeting artist/chef/columnist Claude Tayag in the flesh, when we brought him and wife Mary Ann Quioc on a trekking and exotic food adventure in Adams more than a year ago, I’ve already tried one of his Claude’9 sauces, talangka, which I use for my spaghetti aligue. While we were feasting on balbalusa (wild eggplants), crablets and other Adams specialties by a creek in the forest, someone mentioned his versatile XO Chili Sauce. It stuck in my mind, but I’m also stuck in Laoag, getting fermented just like his buro dishes, so I haven’t tried using his Xtra Ordinary Chili Sauce until today. Thanks to  Sam of Saramsam, also one the guys in the group that explored Adams, for bringing in the sauce made from chili, Chinese ham and dried shrimps.

There’s no way I can get scallops, so I got a kilo of shrimps for my first attempt  at Claude’s XO sauce. Just wash the shrimps in running water, shell them and slit the backs for a pretty curl. You may want to keep the juicy heads for pancit or miki.

After preparing the shrimps, heat a little olive oil in a pan and a small scoop of the XO sauce and sauté the shrimps for a few seconds.

The result was a cross betwen gambas al ajillo and Chinese chili garlic shrimps. Piquant and provocative… and preparing it is a piece of cake.

Did I mention that Claude’9 Xtra Ordinary Chili Sauce is free of MSG and preservatives?

Photos  and recipe by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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