Ilocano antiquities

Dadapilan, sugar cane press

I am attracted to anything old, but I don’t go to the extent of collecting stuff for the home. LOL, in fact, the tagline right there in the blog header should be changed to “Home is where the hardware is… ” just like how Jojami, my tweetheart, always tweets when she’s home. *inserts* My tagline used to be “Home is where the heart is.” My home is small and I still have to build something I can call our very own house.

For those of you who are interested in collecting old wood, you have to visit this place in San Nicolas.  Old posts and planks and stuff from the past like the items in the photos are on display at the curb.

For those who are still planning to build something, maybe you can check them out before ordering new wood. Besides helping protect the environment, restoring old wood or recycling them for other purposes will absolutely give your housing projects an edgier look. Think shabby chic.

Arado and capiz window panes

Location: Brgy. 1-San Francisco, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2 thoughts on “Ilocano antiquities

  1. i love antiques and i would certainly visit this place.everything is so modern technology and gadgets nowadays. christmas is so commercialized now that i plan to go back to the basics like those days eons ago when i was growing dad would go to the mountains a week before christmas and gather the maguey tops and we decorate it as our christmas dad had passed away a year ago but the memories of those christmases will remain in my heart and so i plan to re live it this christmas seasonin lieu of those bright blinking lights and very decorative christmas trees..thanks tina for the info.

  2. you’re welcome, Tita. I haven’t decorated on Christmas since we moved to our little abode cum store in 1985. Really no space for a Christmas tree… just in our hearts☺

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