A sense of nostalgia: BAGUIO, by golfpunkgirl

National Artist for Visual Arts Ben Cabrera aka BenCab.

Meet Liana Garcia Joyce, who goes by the name of golfpunkgirl on Flickr.

She bowls,

she golfs,

and she shoots only film.

Artist-photographer Liana spent many years in Baguio before settling down in London.


I have vivid memories of one of my favorite cities in the world — Baguio City in Northern Philippines. The mountain city was designed by American planner and architect Daniel Burnham, designer of several popular US cities and buildings like the Flatiron in NY, during the American occupation in the country.

Baguio has gone through many facelifts, but it has remained to be one of the coolest spots to be in the Philippines. Cool mountain weather, the scent of pine trees, fresh veggies and fruits, native arts, good food for the epicureans, thrift shops, historical landmarks, Neo-Classical architecture and a hodgepodge of cultures make Baguio tick.

My most memorable childhood summer in Baguio… traveling with my mom and dad on a VW and staying at the Inn Rocio, which was new then. Forgetting my shoes at home made me sad, so the parents had to buy me a pair of Bata sneakers at the Tiong San Bazaar, the biggest department before SM invaded the city. With new shoes on, I was ready for the camera.

I spent a year in college at the St. Louis University. My eldest child, Martine, was planned in the City of Pines☺ We used to travel a lot to this city, almost once a month. Now that times are hard and we need to reduce our carbon footprint, I haven’t gone up over the past 4 years. Oh, how I miss beautiful Baguio!

Thanks to golfpunkgirl for capturing the heart of Baguio in photos.

Bottom image is from Blauearth’s collection Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

5 thoughts on “A sense of nostalgia: BAGUIO, by golfpunkgirl

  1. @Liana: It’s an honor to have your photos here. Again, many thanks!
    @Patty: Thank you, Patty! Hope to visit your stream one of these days.

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