Isabela’s pancit Cabagan says hello to Laoag

Hello? How could I have tried it just today? Isabela’s favorite noodle dish has been on this side of Ilocos for over a year now.

It was actually my first time to try out food all by myself. I failed to eat lunch because I had to catch an appoinment in Batac. I was supposed to meet up with Eugene after my appointment, so we could eat empanada at the Riverside, but things didn’t go as planned. He had to stay behind in MMSU for an important activity. Then it rained ’til I thought of the pancit Cabagan I read about in a travel mag.

Pancit Cabagan-Isabela’s Best in Laoag serves the same pancit  that  was first introduced by a Chinese settler in the town of Cabagan in Isabela. I tried their 40-peso super without egg. I expected a generous topping of crispy lechon skin de carajay, but the skin was so little. Nevertheless, I loved it! The authentic special noodles they use come all the way from Isabela. The owners are from Alicia, Isabela.

They also serve pancit Cabagan sabaw, a soupier version.

It’s good to know that they deliver bilao orders. They have Bilao 15 (good for 15 people), P650.00; Bilao 10 (good for 10 people), P550.00; Bilao 7 (good for 7 people), P350.00; and Bilao 3 (good for 2-3 people), P150.00.

Pancit Cabagan-Isabela’s Best in Laoag 118 Gen Segundo Ave. (former Bacarra Rd.), Brgy. 13, Laoag Tel #: 077-7715475 CP #: (0922)8666363


Read my recent post about Dok’s Pancit Cabagan in Tuguegarao (here)

Photo by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

14 thoughts on “Isabela’s pancit Cabagan says hello to Laoag

  1. i don’t know about this one, Tin… i eat with my eyes first….& this pancit is not satisfying my hunger…LOL..but, i trust your judgment…

    • LOL. I have to admit. I didn’t like it much the first time I tried it in Cagayan. I’s an acquired taste… now loving it!

  2. The owners`are close friends of mine and they have long experiences in food preparations. The lady of the kitchen is a daughter of the late Mrs. Frez of Frez Catering and has inherited the business. Great and innovative, they truly are!

    • I know Mrs. Frez and some of her children, but I didn’t know one of them owns this place. The waitress said the owners are from Alicia. Anyways, the taste isn’t far from Tuguegarao’s. I still have to check out the original in Cabagan. How many times have I passed by that town, but never had the chance to have pancit. It was always either too early or too late. Goin’ back to Laoag’s Isabela’s Best. I just wish the lechon skin were more. The noodles and sauce were excellent, nonetheless. I think, I want to go back tonight.

  3. it sounds yummy and the prices are not that bad either.i would like to try this place when i come home for vacation..wish they also have cabagan in friend herdy told me all about it awhile back .

  4. Tita Lita, I would be honored to show you around town also, together with Herdy. We could share not just the food delights but also some good getting to know you…

  5. wow asiong i would love that.”getting to know “is awesome since we had known each others in herdys blog site riknakem for awhile is time to put faces on whom we had been communicating would be an honor and great pleasure …thanks.and tina it would be fun .

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