Kamarin Café and House of Pasalubong

I have the wonderful privilege of being the first to blog about this lovely place. Soon to open in Laoag is another café by restaurateur Sammy Blas, the man behind the highly successful Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant and Bar, Saramsam Too and Balay da Blas Pensionne House.

Sam temporarily opened his new baby, a coffee-dessert place, for a brainstorming session with our little group of environment advocates.

Why Kamarin? “Because it is a dying word. As you can see, it’s a bodega, a sosyal bodega,” Sam answered. An Ilocano word for warehouse — that’s kamarin. Select Ilocos products, antiques and novelty items, sourced by Sam himself, fill the walls; thus, making it look, well, like a storage place. I spotted Claude Tayag’s famous XO Sauce among the food products neatly stacked on the shelves.

Chill. So soothing was Norah Jones music like Come Away With Me and Sunrise.

The retro feel to the café is just too cool.  It’s Ilocano, but it has that unmistakable Californian vibe, at least, to me. It must be the eclectic mix of kitschy furniture, grandma crocheted table covers and exotic abel Iloco that resembles Mexican fabric.

I love its coziness.

Sam’s table setting is always pretty. For our dinner, he came up with his signature  fusion cuisine.

Toasts with marunggay-basil dip

… and seafood salad dip.

Pasta Alfredo with shrimps

Blueberry maja blanca akin to Italian panna cotta.

The perfect caffeine fix: espresso!

I’m looking forward to visiting this rockin’ place anew when it opens… thrilled to check out the new menu.

Kamarin Café and House of Pasalubong is located along Gen. Segundo Ave. (former Bacarra Rd.) near the Divine Word College of Laoag.

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

5 thoughts on “Kamarin Café and House of Pasalubong

    • I’m not too sure if Pasta Alfredo is part of the menu of Kamarin. The dinner was pre-ordered for the meeting. When we have our little parties at the Balay da Blas or Saramsam Too, he comes up with special dishes na wala sa menu. Maybe you could pre-order at Saramsam or any of his outlets. Oh, I miss his beef stew with olives which is no longer on the Saramsam menu. Ang sarap din ng baked turkey niya. Let’s have dinner one time.

  1. I still haven’t seen the menu for Kamarin. Food at Saramsam is affordable in fact cheaper than some restos in Laoag. Party food depends on one’s budget. He can come up with something still cool and presentable if tipid lang ang budget or something splendid if sky is the limit.


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