Are we losing the heritage we should leave behind?

Heritage Conservation Society: Here Today, Here Tomorrow?

The history of architecture in the Philippines

“What about the generations to come? Given their repeated destruction of the historic structures, will these generations like ours still be able to see our landmarks and make them their own guideposts to their future? How much more will be lost and will disappear? Our built heritage must be protected and cared for if we are to tell a story that is uniquely ours. Our children and theirs should not be deprived of their sense of place nor their sense of belonging. As we look around us,  can we recognize the heritage that must be valued for their beauty, their uniqueness and their significance to our development as a people? Will we allow them to vanish or will we relish their presence and enjoy ourselves in them, employing them for our use, not musky museums of fading memories, but vibrant venues restructured for our current needs and rationalized for our present realities, profiting both their caretakers for their efforts at preserving these monuments and their users who find in them richness of their experience, heirlooms handed down through generations that remind us of the past we came from, the affirmations of our achievements that stand in our present, the beacons to guide our course to our future?”

Read my thoughts on the proposed demolition and transfer of the Laoag Central Elementary School (here)

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