Surprise… High School Reunion!

Omigosh, I shouldn’t be posting these photos, but what the heck? Anyway, this batch is from the Holy Spirit Academy of Laoag. Year? The year I got married. So I didn’t graduate from HSAL. I had to transfer to another school in Manila because I got kicked out for eloping when I was in third year high. That info sort-of explains why I have adult children☺

Alma (far right in photo) visited Laoag for the first time since graduation.  The Laoag-based former classmates organized this little reunion for her. It was so much fun getting to see each other again. They all looked the same as the last time we were together. With a few added pounds and some wrinkles, but basically the same friends I’ve known and grew up with. We talked about our family life, careers, LOL, our adventures in elementary and high school and the nuns and teachers who we loved and also “hated”.

We missed our other old classmates, though. Most of them are living in other places now.

No big Romy and Michele high school reunion. The potlock party was relaxed… we had great food and a lot of karaoke singing. And endless photo ops, gosh, for their FB accounts.

Now, I’m loving reunions. I wish for a bigger one. I mean, more from this batch.

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

7 thoughts on “Surprise… High School Reunion!

  1. Thanks, Tina – for emailing me these photos. Nakaka-apal dagitoy retrato yo! I can tell nga naragsak daytoy nga reunion ta kasta-unay dagiti is-isem yo amin. Wen – dapat laeng nga ma-plano tuy sumarono nga reunion that celebrates our 30th anniversary – when is it going to be? Take care, cuz! And regards to all!

  2. nice pictures! thanks to all who took time to be present in our mini-reunion…hope to more of our batchmates in december…special thanks to Toti Ancheta & Mildred Lamoste, who organized our get together! my dearest Tina! thanks for the great write up about Operation Smile…we will be back sometime in April…we hope to treat more patients and bring more Smiles to children….God bless!

  3. @Mercy LOL diak la ngarud imbaga’t tawen nan, hahah… kasla met lang antigo nga batch-en.

    @Alma. The get-together was cool. See you in April. Hope we will be able to hang out longer. Bitin…

  4. thanks Tina for the nice pics! na touched naman ako sa kwento mo nun 3rd year tayo. Hope that you will try to attend all our simple reunions of our batch in the future so we will bond & become little bit closer. sana mag sign in ka din sa Facebook…

    • Hi, Susan! Just please contact me whenever you are having another one again. We really should have a bigger one, intimate, no-frills and without fanfare.

  5. …hi tina. Nice photos and write-up. Mukhang “hot mamas” ang batchmates natin. I think Chats is visiting Laoag in December…maybe we can gather together. Paging our event organizers – “toti, susan grace, etc.”…hope to see all of you again! Best regards.

    • thanks, Ching! i hope it will be a bigger reunion. i’m raring to see more. i haven’t seen you and Yoly, Zita, Nieves, Irene, Phomea, Pinky, etc. since HS, i think.

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