Shadows, dizziness, glare and nasty squinting! But I want cool blogging eyeglasses.

Originally, I wanted oversize, like nerd glasses that don’t look nerdy at all, if there’s such a thing. Well, where else to shop for eyewear in Laoag, but at Dr. Elaine Que Cua-Reyes’ Cool Eyes. The young, smart and pretty Japanese doll-like optometrist is the most trusted when it comes to original prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses and sunglasses. Not to mention, she’s also a hearing aid specialist. Jeez, I hope I don’t need ’em soon LOL

I got sidetracked from my eye check-up and finding my frame and lenses by the sunglasses display. I loved the rich cobalt blue oversize pair, tried them on, but they didn’t fit quite right.

I have a thing about large sunglasses, retroesque ones to be specific. I tried giving away all my old regular size shades, which are just so over. The problem is no one wants them. My classic Ray-Bans are for keeps, though. But then again, now that they’re back, I’ve got a pixie hairstyle and I look way too boyish in them. Ericke found my old ‘Tom Cruise in Risky Business” Ray-Ban Wayfarers and now she owns them, while my Julia Roberts tortoise shell Clubmaster Wayfarers fit Eugene prettily. At least, for now, I know they were good buys.

Dr. Elaine has a good eye for fashionable eyewear, so you can never go wrong droppin’ in at her shop when in dire need of something edgy and authentic. There is always something for any budget. She also has those fashion contact lenses, the kind artistas wear.

Then here she came to show me this oh so lovely green Jackie O’s. ‘Twas love at first sight!

image via

There’s a story behind this Nina Ricci Jackie O reissue sunglasses she had. Her sister ordered them, but they were too large for her, and so… I thought my button nose would be a problem, and I may not have the jawline of Jackie Onassis, but they fit me perfectly, which means they’re really meant for me. Love!

I’ll take a picture of myself  in them next time.

It’s time to face the inevitable. With her state of the art equipment, the procedure wasn’t scary at all. Well, what I meant was, I was confident I’d get the right prescription.

The doctor says my astigmatism has slightly worsened and I’m facing a new problem related to distance. I need a pair of computer and reading glasses, but I wanted to have everything solved with just one pair of glasses and no granny doble vistas please, so she suggested I get progressive lenses. It was hard choosing my eyeglass frames, however. Back to the geek glasses, hahah, I found some, but, okay, I looked worse than geeky, I looked masculine.

The cute frames were not me either.

Again, Dr. Elaine came to my rescue. She showed me these pearly white Ray-Ban Clubmaster Wayfarers, just like my old ones that Euge got. I didn’t like them at first. I had to ask her to remove their original dark lenses so I could try them on.

Well, now, don’t tell me they don’t suit me ‘coz I already got ’em.

I told you, she’s got something for every taste.

I ordered Varilux progressive lenses. The brochure says that they are meant for effortless sharp vision at every distance.

I have to admit, deteriorating eyesight goes with age, as well, and we all go through it. The good news is the doctor says that good eye care helps slow down the process.

And constantly squinting  just deepens those eyebrow furrows, that’s a fact! Give a hoot!


Cool Eyes Optical Clinic 72 F.R. Castro Ave., Laoag City Tel. No. (077) 771-1437/770-3719
Cool Vision Optical Clinic (Dr. Junius Anton R. Reyes) CF Daguio Bldg., Washington St., Batac City Tel. No. (077) 617-1718
Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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