Everyone deserves some sunshine and a little flower…

I can’t remember the last time I went trekking. More than a year ago, I guess. This morning, I woke up with a deep longing for nature. I thought of hiking to the Tanap Watershed Forest Reserve, a place I’ve heard about, but have not had the time to visit. The sky was a bit gray, but I proceeded with my game plan. I’m happy I did, because the sun was up until it rained after we left the lovely forest in the rustic town of Burgos.

On February 1, 1971, through Proc. 803, Tanap-Avis was proclaimed a Watershed Forest Reserve under the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau. It is one of the very important river systems in the North.

My two guides and I hiked for more than one kilometer. The trail was narrow, but manageable. In the middle of the hike, something was hurting the sole of my right foot. A thorn got stuck in my flip-flop. With just minor bleeding, I still could walk. I was overwhelmed by the so many butterflies fluttering through the air that I forgot about the little wound. I’ve never seen a butterfly sanctuary before. They came in all colors and sizes. It was a sacred sight!

I planned to go to the topmost level of the waterfall, which was  like 300 meters more. Unfortunately, according to my guides, the wooden stairs got washed away during the heavy rains. I decided to forego seeing the best part. The boulders were so huge and slippery, and I was wearing the wrong footwear. I realized there would be something to be more excited about the next time I visit Tanap. I was delighted with what I had…

Locally known as “busbusilak”. The sap is an alternative medicine for all kinds of wounds, including boils and carbuncles.

I found this poor butterfly with a distressed wing perched on a branch. The tree was on a ridge and I couldn’t take it from a better angle.

It was difficult taking close up shots of the winged beauties. They gaily fluttered everywhere.

This red dragonfly was really gorgeous. The wings, so intricate and delicate.

Life in the city is tough.  A communion with nature is like batteries. In an instant, I feel alive again.


Thank you to Mayor Cresente Garcia, SPO2 Ronald Abian and SPO2 Juanito Abad.

Photos by Blauearth © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2 thoughts on “Everyone deserves some sunshine and a little flower…

  1. Hi! Your husband linked me to your blog a few weeks ago to get in touch with you but never had the chance…. Your daily blogs are just so engaging, I feel like I’m riding the journey along with you. I’m very impress with your enthusiasm & your stand on eco culture & preservations! I haven’t been home for 16 years & I am now yearning to come back since I became a nature lover myself. I’ll be doing some trekking in Alaska in couple of weeks & stopping over in Seattle to see Mercy…I can’t wait to tell her about your blog!

    • hi, Ruby! thanks. what a lovely surprise! happy to hear from you. about being a nature lover, you know what? i just realized it must also be the nurse in us. when are you coming home? saw Mercy last year and i wasn’t surprised if she went back to school. remember Alma? i hope to see her this July as she works for this NGO, Operation Smile that is scheduled for an outreach mission in Laoag.

      btw, i have an anecdote about this nature trip. there was a boar, a wild pig that almost got killed with the 9mm pistol of one of my guides. The driver said my voice saved the boar. i would have carried the guilt if i saw a dead creature. i should have titled it guns and roses, but i don’t want to promote hunting.

      hugs and kisses to you. and to Mercy too. enjoy your Alaskan tour! forget the salmon, lol

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